Q. What makes Wollammo! the best?

A. Not all wollastonite is created equal! In fact, of only 5 mines in the world that are producing wollastonite at this time, our mine in St. Onge, Quebec boasts the purest wollastonite deposit in all of the world. Three of the remaining four mines have very high iron content and are only used as an additive in ceramics and cement. The last mine has a combination of other minerals that are not as beneficial to agricultural use. We also triple-grind and dry our wollastonite. The outcome is a remarkable product that can be used to benefit your garden with immediate results.

Q. How does Wollammo! help eliminate powdery mildew?

A. Wollammo! helps build cell wall structure in your plants, which provides major resistance to any type of: mildew, rot or spore penetration. The stronger your plants are, the healthy your gardens become and the better your yields are.

Q. Does Wollammo! work on all plants?

A. Yes, any broad leaf plant loves Wollammo!. From: flower gardens, lawns, strawberries, blueberries, grape vineyards, apples and pear trees. In fact, studies showed wollastonite aided maple trees in producing more maple syrup; all while helping to keep common pests away, preventing them from harming harvests.

Q. I have an aphid, root gnat, thrips, or other soil born predator infestation. Can Wollammo! help?

A. Definitely. When an adult insect plants her eggs or the larva develops in the soil, they don’t stand a chance against Wollammo!. This is due to the silicate in wollastonite acting like tiny little razor blades. Just add to your: lawn, garden and soil mixes.

Q. Does using Wollammo! help my yields?

A. Yes. Because of the unique purity of our wollastonite, it adds other much needed nutrients including: carbon neutral calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and many more. As well, there are other beneficial trace elements that enable the plants to reach their maximum potential.

Q. Can I distribute Wollammo at my store?

A. Yes. Please contact us to register your store to become a preferred retailer. Together we will Wollammo! the world.