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Wollastonite (CaSiO3) is an extremely useful calcium-silicate mineral mined in St-Onge, Quebec. This rarely occurring earth mineral is only found in in a few places worldwide.

Wollastonite has a wide range of uses thanks to its unique organic makeup. For agricultural use it provides a source of: plant-available silicate, carbon neutral calcium and magnesium – as well as many other beneficial trace elements and micronutrients.

Application: For gardens and lawns, use 1kg per 10m2. For pre-mixed soil or other growth mediums, use 50g per 4L container. Mix thoroughly and re-apply once a month or as neccessary. For top-dressing, add 30g per 4L container and gently dig into soil surface. Wollammo can also be added to water reservoirs. Add 10g per litre and mix vigorously for 24 hours for flood table application. Wollammo is able to be applied generously and will never burn your plants.

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